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The Ideal Camera

At the February 2017 APS competition, we saw examples of how good cell-phone made photographs could be. However, in my humble opinion, shooting pictures with a phone is a very poor substitute for a satisfying photographic experience where the photographer controls the results. ...

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Don’s Digital Advice

Long-time member and retired professional photographer Don Stephens shares a bit of history, discusses some basic choices available for recording and processing images, and provides several wise recommendations. According to Don, "Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one” (except, of course, for Adam and Eve who had none). I am a very opinionated person."

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Photo Software: Part Two - Picture Window

“Are your images Photoshoped?” is a question that I get often and can always easily answer. “No. I don’t use Photoshop, but I do use some great photography software that is much cheaper, and even free.”  

Update (2016-12-22): Picture Window is now available free of charge and no longer requires a serial number for operation.

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