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APS is now on "Meetup"

Join our Meetup group to follow our scheduled competitions, programs, field trips and other club activities. The Atlanta Photographic Society's Meetup group is for both club members and guests.  Our Meetup group's name is "Atlanta Photographic Society."  

Please Join our Meetup

Member Happenings - Photography, Friends, and CoffeeMorning Cup by Brandon Ward

"Photography, Friends, and Coffee" will take place the first Saturday of each month at APS President Mike Shaefer's home located in Ansley Park in Midtown Atlanta, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. 

From 9:30 AM to 10 AM we will chat, sip coffee or tea, and enjoy donuts or a surprise treat courtesy of the host. Starting at 10 AM, the critique session will begin. Members and guests are encouraged to bring at least one, but no more than three prints for discussion. Generally the critique will end at ~10:45, but this is a casual gathering and the group will "go with the flow." The remaining time will focus on photography topics of interest to the group.

This is a very causal gathering so show up when you can. Members are encouraged to let Mike know if they have a topic for an 'APS quick share'. He will include their brief topic in the agenda, but if you want to share an idea or experience at the last minute that is fine too. Mike will have PS and Lightroom available if a member wants to share a tip with others or even a single individual. 

To attend, please email Mike ( ,or call his cell number 812-459-0577. He will provide the address to meet. You can also sign up on Meetup. Mike will contact you.

Equipment Corner


The Atlanta Photographic Society's X-Rite ColorMunki device is available to Club members only for their personal use to calibrate monitors and printers/papers. The checkout period is ~1 month (bring back to the next club meeting in ~1 month).

A color managed work flow is essential to ensure that what you see on your monitor is accurate, and that what you print is what you see on your monitor. It's also necessary for accurate viewing of your images on other monitors.

For more information on the ColorMunki, tutorials, etc. please see the X-Rite web site. You can also consult with Don Stephens or other club members with experience using the ColorMunki.

Tips, Techniques and Learning Corner

Photography Fundamentals Videos

A wonderful series of 24 half-hour videos covering the fundamentals of photography is available for checkout to  club members only for their personal use for photographic learning/education.

The checkout period is for ~1 month ( bring back to the next club meeting in ~ 1 month).

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or advanced photographer you are sure to take away at least one new gem of insight that you can put to use to improve your photography from each of these outstanding lessons.

Ultimate Photo Guide Videos

This excellent series of 10 short (4-6 minutes each) videos from Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo Magazines cover a great introduction to photography for beginners, and are a good, quick review of the basics.  You can view them all in about one hour.  It is available for checkout to club members only for their personal use for photographic learning/education.

The checkout period is for ~1 month (bring back to the next club meeting in ~ 1 month).

The Digital Photography Book

Scott Kelby's superb book is a very handy longtime favorite.  It's highly recommended by both your President, Jim Harrison, and our Competition Chair, Al McLeod.

It is also available for checkout to  club members only for their personal use for photographic learning/education.

The checkout period is for ~1 month ( bring back to the next club meeting in ~ 1 month).

Your inkjet paper purchases can now benefit the Atlanta Photographic Society! Just click on the Red River Paper link, order your favorite papers, and the club receives 5% of the purchase amount.

Red River Paper was founded in 1997 and has become a trusted supplier of exceptional photographic inkjet papers to customers around the world. The company offers products that often exceed major retail brand quality with a savings as much as 40%.


Wings Camera & Digital

Wings Camera & Digital has been serving Atlanta's photography needs for an amazing 103 years!

APS members will get Full Camera Cleaning for $24.95 (regularly $29.95). Use APS2015 for Discounts. Thanks Mike!

PDF Slide Presentation on Paper

by Janerio Morgan

Paper Presentation PDF

NOTE: Right-Click and download the PDF and view the PDF from your desktop instead of the browser, so you can click on the website links to view the many resources.

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The Ideal Camera

At the February 2017 APS competition, we saw examples of how good cell-phone made photographs could be. However, in my humble opinion, shooting pictures with a phone is a very poor substitute for a satisfying photographic experience where the photographer controls the results.

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Don’s Digital Advice

Long-time member and retired professional photographer Don Stephens shares a bit of history, discusses some basic choices available for recording and processing images, and provides several wise recommendations. According to Don, "Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one” (except, of course, for Adam and Eve who had none). I am a very opinionated person."

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Photo Software: Part Two - Picture Window

“Are your images Photoshoped?” is a question that I get often and can always easily answer. “No. I don’t use Photoshop, but I do use some great photography software that is much cheaper, and even free.”  

Update (2016-12-22): Picture Window is now available free of charge and no longer requires a serial number for operation.

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