The APS Salon Exhibition is presented in conjunction with and is always a highlight of Atlanta Celebrates Photography - a mainstay of the fall Atlanta arts scene, and one of the largest photography festivals in the country. Among the dozens of photography shows that are part of the festival, the APS Salon is always considered one of the best. That's due to the sharp eyes, quick shutter fingers and boundless creativity of our members.

When, Where and Who

The Atlanta Photographic Society's 2018 Salon Exhibition opens Sunday, September 30, and runs through Friday November 1, in the 3rd Floor Gallery, First Baptist Church of Decatur. Visiting Hours: Whenever the church is open - Mon. thru Thur. 9am to 5pm, Fri. 9am to 12noon, Sun. 8:30am to 1pm.

Street Photography by Marc McElhaney

This year's show features the outstanding work of a dozen of our very best photographers.

Who? by Vivian Stephens

Participating APS photographer's include: Jim Harrison, Vivian Stephens, Don Stephens, Janerio Morgan, Marc McElhaney, Darryl Neill, Ruth Gogel, Rohit Kamboj, Brandon Ward, Mike Shaefer, Al McLeod, and recent new member Margherita Ghiselli.

American Falls Illumination by Rohit Kamboj

Awards Reception

The Awards Reception for the 2018 Salon is open to the public and most of the photographers will be there for you to meet.  Don't miss it: Saturday, October 20, 7-9pm in the 3rd Floor Gallery at The First Baptist Church of Decatur. 

Ride Me ... Think Again by Janerio Morgan

Peoples' Choice Award and "Yellow Stickies"

Besides seeing some great photography, voting for the "Peoples' Choice" award is always great fun for show visitors. Don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite images (it's good practice for Election Day coming up during November!).  

While you're at it post a "yellow sticky" with your reactions and comments on images.  It's super feedback for the photographers and a good way to stimulate conversations about the photos between viewers and photographers.  Have fun!

Sylvan Summer #2 by Al McLeod

Thank You's

Thanks to everyone who helped hang and organize the show including: Brandon Ward, Helene Mewborn, Vivian Stephens, Don Stephens, Ruth Gogel, Marc McElhaney, Rohit Kamboj, Janerio Morgan, Darryl Neill, Mike Shaefer, Jim Harrison and, our newest member - Margherita Ghiselli.  (Hope I didn't miss anyone!)

See you there!