Photographer's Theme Exhibition


Entry Deadline:  July 23, 2017 (by Midnight)

Set Up - Friday, September 1; 12 noon - 4pm

"Meet the Artists" Reception
Saturday, September 16
12:00 noon - 4:00pm

Note: Coincides with Miami Circle Art Walk

"Meet the Artists" Reception
Saturday, October, 21
12:00 noon - 4:00pm

Note: Coincides with Miami Circle Art Walk

Take Down - Tuesday, October 31; 12 noon - 4pm


Only APS members in good standing may enter.

Each entry consists of a collection of three images consistent with a theme selected by the photographer. Members may enter a maximum of three collections (three images each) for consideration.  Members will submit digital images (regular competition size) for consideration.  A brief image/collection description (<~200 words) must accompany each collection submitted.

Entry Deadline:  July 23, 2017 (by Midnight)

Please send your image collection entries to:

Mike Shaefer - Chair: Photographer's Theme Exhibition ("Right" click to copy email address.)


Each submitted collection should fit a theme determined by the artist. Examples of themes include, but are not limited to: Streets, People, Creatures, Nature, Play, Food.  More specific thematic categories might include: Cowboys, Mothers, Love, Science, Success, Conflict, etc.  Each image must be connected by the thematic category chosen by the artist. 

Similar to our OPEN COMPETIONS, there are no limits to manipulation or type of genre. Any image you have created can be entered. The image need not be a previous APS ribbon or salon winner. 

Each member who submits image collections must include a brief description of each theme/collection. Every theme must have a specific title. How well each image relates to the selected theme and to each other will be one important criterion for the vetting process. Individual image titles are recommended but not required.

There is NO entry fee.  This will not be a competition. No ribbons will be awarded.

Selection Process

Each collection submitted will be vetted.  APS officers will choose which collections of images are to be exhibited. Officers cannot vote for their own images.

The method used in the vetting process will be the same method that is used for the Salon. The top ~11 collections will be exhibited.  Thus, a maximum of ~11 members will be represented.   A maximum of ~33 images will be accepted.

Acceptance will be based on vetting of the digital images submitted.  ONLY what is deemed to be finest work will be exhibited. We want to show the community of Atlanta the talent our club possess.  The goal is to show one collection per participating member. Thus, the maximum number of images any one member can have is three. BUT if less than 11 members enter collections for consideration, the officers may accept more than one collection per member to reach the 33-image goal.

Announcement of Accepted Collections:  ~ August 5

Image Presentation for the Exhibition

Images exhibited will be framed prints.  Framed images will follow Salon presentation guidelines. Poorly presented printed images will not be exhibited.

Members who are represented in the exhibit must provide a brief photographers bio (<~100 words), a brief image/collection description (<~200 words), and a passport or similar sized photo of themselves. This information will be displayed with each accepted collection. The presentation of this information will be standardized.


Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios

800 Miami Circle, Suite 200

Atlanta, GA 30324


Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

Salon Presentation Guidelines

Entries must be mounted, matted (white or pastel colors), glassed (glass or plastic), framed and delivered ready to hang. The minimum frame size is 11" x 14" with no reasonable maximum. All quality frames are acceptable. Plain frames suitable for gallery style presentation and approximately 1" wide (or less) are preferred.  All entries must have one hook on each side on the back of the frame, and a wire connecting those hooks, suitable for the gallery's hanging system. 

Every image entered must be identified on the back with the title, category (B&W or Color) the photographer’s name and an arrow pointing to the top of the entry.   

Image information must be provided to the Salon Chair (email preferred) by the specified date. This includes Photographer, Title, Category (B&W of Color) and Selling Price (or value if “Not for Sale”) for all entries.  A selling price for the image will be included on the ID card so that the entry can be sold to the public (minus commission by the gallery). 

All entries will be judged by the Salon committee prior to hanging for compliance with the rules, subject of good taste, and quality of mounting, matting and framing. The committee reserves the right to reject or grant acceptance to any entry not in compliance with the rules. 

Example Image Collection (Hypothetical from our APS April 2017 Architecture Theme Competition)

Theme - Creative Architectural Photography

Marriott Marquis Satellites

The Ferris Wheel

Ecclesiastical Egg

Frame Sources

Frame Destination

American Frame

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