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2018 Salon Information

The APS Salon Exhibition for 2018 will be presented during October in conjunction with “Atlanta Celebrates Photography."  Our Salon Chair for this year, Brandon Ward, will arrange for our exhibition to be represented in the ACP Festival Guide.

Sampling of Images from the 2017 Salon Exhibition

Location: The 2018 Salon will be displayed at the new 3rd floor gallery at our usual meeting place, the First Baptist Church of Decatur, phone 404-373-1653.

Visiting Hours: Whenever the church is open - 

Mon. thru Thur. 9am to 5pm, 

Fri. 9am to 12noon,

Sun. 8:30am to 1pm. 

Dates: Open for viewing - Sunday Sept. 30 thru Friday Nov. 2, 2018.

Entry Deadline: The deadline has been extended to 11:59pm, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.  Entry is open to all APS Members. 

Entry Submission: Upload your entries using the provided link (up to 5 images) by 11:59pm, Thursday Sept. 27, 2018. All entries must include the following: Your Name, Image Title, Color or Mono,  Sale Price or Value (if Not For Sale). 

Entry fee: ~$20/member (please pay to Brandon or to our Treasurer Denise Stein). All entries must conform to the Salon Rules. 

Please note these important dates and times!

Deadline for Entries: 11:59pm, Thursday Sept. 27, 2018. Web/based entry w/image! 

Setup/Hanging: Sat. Sept. 29, 10:30am - 12:30pm. Please deliver your framed/ready to hang entries to FBC-Decatur, @ the new 3rd floor gallery, no later than 11am! And please stay to help hang the images if your schedule allows.

Artists' Reception/Awards: Tentative date: Sat. Oct. 20, 7-9pm.  The artists' reception and awards program is free and open to the general public.  

Take Down: Sat. November 3, 10:30am - 12:30pm.

Judges:  The three judges for the 2018 Salon are TBD. Judge suggestions welcome.

Brandon will need volunteers to assist with all the above tasks, so please sign up!  We're looking forward to another great show!

Best in Show 2017: "White Shirt" by Brandon Ward

Salon rules

Except where modified here, all regular competition rules apply.  

The Salon is open to Monochrome and Color prints only. All entries in this competition are exhibited in a gallery during October in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM’s in each category with one "Best in Show" certificate (selected from the two first place winners). This competition will not count towards the point totals for the APS photographer of the year award. Images that have won ribbons in previous Salons are not eligible for entry.S

The Salon will use 3 judges employing the 3 to 9 scoring system. Any ties will be resolved by the judges and/or the Salon chairs. After the judging, awards will be attached to every winning image.  

Entries must be mounted, matted (white or pastel colors), glassed (glass or plastic), framed and delivered ready to hang. The minimum frame size is 11" x 14" with no reasonable maximum. (Note: The recommended maximum size, including mat & frame is 20" x 30" (or 600 square inches).  Anything larger must be pre-approved by the Salon chair.)  All quality frames are acceptable. Plain frames suitable for gallery style presentation and approximately 1" wide (or less) are preferred.  All entries must have one hook on each side on the back of the frame, and a wire connecting those hooks, suitable for the gallery's hanging system. 

Every image entered must be identified on the back with the title, category (B&W or Color) the photographer’s name and an arrow pointing to the top of the entry.   

Image information must be provided to the Salon Chair using the specified methods by the specified date. This includes Photographer, Title, Category (B&W of Color) and Selling Price (or value if “Not for Sale”) for all entries.  A selling price for the image will be included on the ID card so that the entry can be sold to the public (minus commission by the gallery). 

All entries will be judged by the Salon committee prior to hanging for compliance with the rules, subject of good taste, and quality of mounting, matting and framing. The committee reserves the right to reject or grant acceptance to any entry not in compliance with the rules. Entries that have received an award certificate in previous salons cannot be entered again.  

Each APS member in good standing may enter up to 5 images. Total entries are limited to ~70 images due to the size of the gallery and fairness considerations for image display.  (Please enter early to reserve your space!)  The entries may be divided in any way desired within the two categories. The entry fee for 2018 will be ~$19 per person (One entry = $19, five entries = $19).  If there are not enough entries to fill the available exhibition space, entrants may increase their entries by a number specified by the committee. 

All unsold entries should be picked up upon the closing of the Salon. Please arrange for pickup if you cannot pick up the entries yourself. 

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