Brad is a 25-year military veteran who eventually settled in Atlanta during 2014 with his wife and three boys.  

Brad first picked up a Nikon F3 while conducting reconnaissance missions into East Berlin in the late 1980’s. While photographing Soviet tanks and artillery, Brad’s supervisor decided that his promising photography skills would be better served strapped into a small reconnaissance aircraft taking aerial photographs of Soviet Installations in and around Berlin.  

While surviving these initial days in the military, and developing a serious passion for photography, Brad went on to serve an additional 20 years in exotic places such as Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, France, Bosnia, Cuba, and Central Texas, taking thousands of photographs along the way.   

Although appreciating all genres of photography, Brad has strong enthusiasm for minimalism and using long exposures to create a unique visual experience.  

These days Brad’s loves photographing along the northern California Coast, especially around San Francisco, where he visits regularly.