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Membership to the Atlanta Photographic Society

Visit any of our regular meetings and look us over as often you wish. If you decide to join the club, talk to any of the “official” looking people at one of our meetings and they will direct you to the right person. Or you can join now by mail (see below) or through the "Pay by Credit Card" section below. 

Membership is required to participate in competitions and exhibitions. 

For all members who participate in our monthly competitions, competition entry fees are $2 per category (color and mono) per competition, payable at each competition or a one-time annual fee of $35. 

Exhibition fees are established for each club show.

Brandon and Al at the Shields-Ethridge Farm Workshop - 2021

Membership Dues

  • Individual Membership – $35/year
  • Family Membership – $50/year
  • Student Membership – $15/year
  • Email Membership – $30/year

$5 Discount when you pay by cash or check.

Karen and Janerio at the Cochran Mill Workshop - 2021

Pay By Mail:

Atlanta Photographic Society
4243 Laurel Brook Drive
Smyrna, GA 30082

$5 Discount when you pay by cash or check. 

Subtract $5 from your annual membership level and $5 from the annual competition dues (optional). Example: $35 - $5 = $30 for an individual membership and $35 - $5 = $30 for annual competition dues - your total for both would be $60 for cash or check.

If your check does not carry your home address and phone number, please include this information on a separate piece of paper. Also, please be sure to include your email address since this is how we communicate with our members.

Pay By Credit Card:

Annual Dues

Select an item and add it to your cart. If you also choose to include another item (Ex: Annual Competition Dues), simply come back to this page and add your next item to the cart. You will see it added to your shopping cart page on PayPal.

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