Workshops and Field Trips

  • Puerto Rico - February/March 2019 (Past Example)

    Puerto Rico - 2019

    Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019

    Depart ATL at 0815 a.m. on Delta flight 323, Boeing 737-900ER nonstop to San Juan. Current price: $148/person. Arr 12:47. Pick up rental minivan or car(s). Meet Enrique. Check into a San Juan hotel for one night. Drop baggage. Remainder of afternoon shooting with Enrique at El Moro fortress and in Old San Juan. Evening meal and hotel in SJ. Don’t know if Enrique and Miriam will stay with us in SJ for dinner or overnight. Hotel TBD.

    El Morro Fortress - Puerto Rico by Enrique Duprat

    Thursday, Feb 28, 2019

    Check out of hotel, finish shooting if necessary in SJ, drive to Rincon (about two hours), check in at hotel (TBD), afternoon shooting with Enrique and Miriam in area. Take Enrique and Miriam to dinner. NOTE: They live in Aguadilla, on the northwest corner of the island, about two hours from San Juan and 20-30 minutes from Rincon. Try for sunset pix.

    Colorful Puerto Rico by Enrique Duprat

    Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2

    Shooting in area. Possibly a model shoot included. Try again if needed for sunset pix.

    Boats on the Beach by Enrique Duprat

    Option for Saturday/Sunday:  Instead of staying half of Saturday night in Rincon, there is a Courtyard by Marriott in Aquadilla very close to the airport that has a casino where we can kill time before our early Sunday flight home, perhaps recouping our trip expenses, or losing our shirts, or somewhere in between! At least, we can save one night’s lodging. I like the craps table, and Vivian loves the slots and blackjack. Then, there’s always the bar. Your preference?

    I’m sure that for a tip, we can have the Courtyard hotel concierge/busman lock up our bags while we go to dinner and the casino.

    So, we should check out of our Rincon Hotel Saturday morning, do photography with Enrique at northwestern PR locales during the day, do dinner together somewhere, then hit the casino until 1:30 a.m. or so before checking in at  the airport for our 4:00 a.m. Sunday flight. See you and raise you! I’m liking this planned trip better and better.

    Sunday, March 3

    Leave Rincon about 1:00 a.m., drive to Aquadilla airport (est 30 minutes) for 0400 departure on Spirit Air flight 143 to Orlando, Airbus A-320, arr 5:52 a.m., dep Orlando 7:00 a.m. Spirit flight 252 to ATL, arr 8:37. End of trip. Current price for Spirit tickets Aguadilla to ATL: $131/person.

    Important Notes!

    1. Marc says his air ticket app recommends not buying air tickets yet. We’re five months out, prices fluctuate, and we may be able to catch a sale. Not so with hotels in Rincon. That’s not a very big place, there are not too many hotels, they are not very large, and some are already booked full or nearly full for our dates. I anticipate no such problem booking rooms in San Juan for Feb 27. I’ll send my SJ hotel recommendation by email to those interested in this trip in September. Recommend you go ahead and book Rincon rooms now, using a free cancelation option where offered. Also important: insure you book for a possible late arrival. I’ve had good experiences recently with Choice Hotels (Badda Book, Badda Boom!). Also, staying in hotel in Rincon Saturday night March 2 may not be a good value, given that we’d have to get up, pack and leave for Aguadilla airport shortly after midnight. Marc thinks a pub might be a better option to kill time on Sat night. 

    2. Let Don Stephens know if you are interested/rarin’ to go on this trip at no later than mid September. This doesn’t have to be locked in stone, but I’m looking for at least strong interest or a “sorta-firm” commitment. 

    3. For convenience, especially for matching up with our ground transportation, it is important to travel together ATL-SJ and to stay in same hotel in SJ. We can deal with separate hotels in Rincon if necessary.

  • Stephen Foster State Park, GA ~ February 2019 (Past Example)

    Leader: Don Stephens

    We're planning an APS field trip to photograph the Milky Way (plus landscapes and wildlife) on and around the first weekend of February, 2019. This is a new-moon date, when there will be almost no moonlight to spoil an otherwise “dark sky."

    See Shooting (the) Stars for details.

  • Seeing in Black and White - Take Two

    The Covid-19 pandemic has curtailed our workshops since March. We plan to have another "Seeing in Black and White" (Take Two) workshop as soon as social distancing recommendations allow.

    Workshops and Field trips are now being planned for 2020. Please check back.

  • Volunteer to Lead a Trip

    Workshops and Field trips are now being planned for 2020. Please check back.

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