Salon Exhibition 2023

2023 Salon Information

Note: Plans are underway for Salon 2023. Please check back here soon for details. Our Salon 2022 plans are below for reference.

APS Salon Exhibition for 2022

For many decades, the Atlanta Photographic Society (APS) has held an annual Salon Exhibition in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP). To see what it's like please tour last year's virtual 2021 Salon Exhibition at Salon 2021.

For 2022 our Salon show will be in-person -- framed images in a gallery setting. This year's show moves to the 1st floor of First Baptist Church of Decatur. Thus, our images will be seen by a constant stream of visitors to the church, plus a huge audience of Decatur Book Festival participants on Saturday October 1.

Best in Show (& 1st Place Color): 2021 Salon - Don't Pass Me By, Don't Make Me Blue by Michelle Simmons

Dates and Deadlines

Here are the important dates and deadlines for the 2022 Salon Exhibition.

Image Submission/Payment Window: Wednesday September 21, Midnight.

Salon Webpage Live: Tentatively, Saturday September 24, 2022 .

Gallery Hanging: Saturday September 24, 2022, 10am. Please delivery your images promptly, and volunteer to help hang them if you can. 

Three judges from outside the club will judge the images and award ribbons (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and HM's) in both the color and monochrome categories.

Reception & Awards: Friday, October 28, 6:30-8pm.

Take Down: Saturday, October 29, 10am.

Image Submission (Members Only)

Here’s the procedure.

Choose up to five of your images in any mix of color or monochrome for submission. Label each as for a monthly competition (e.g., “My Rabid Cat by Darryl Neill”).

Submit your images via the APS website, where a special section, working like but separate from the existing procedure for monthly competition entries will be placed. Prepare your images using the requirements for the monthly submissions (1920 pixels on the longest axis, saved as a JPEG with setting 8), and follow the onscreen instructions on the APS website to submit them.

All members should receive an email with the link for Salon entries and payment.

Members may also go to the APS website, log in through "Member Login", then click on the big orange button devoted to submitting Salon images, and follow the instructions.

After submitting your images, you’ll be asked to pay a fee of $20 total whether you submit 1 or 5 images. It is best if you submit all of your images at one time and then pay.

The fee for submission will be $20 total whether you submit 1 or 5 images. Fee collection will use a procedure like that, but separate from, the monthly competition entries.

Behind the Scenes

Images will be compiled by Computer Whiz Rohit and placed in the section of the APS website devoted to Salon 2022 by Graphic Artist Chris for all the World to see.

The World will be directed to your images mostly through the website of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, where a page will exist saying a little bit about our group and providing a spot to click for admission to our Salon. Members are encouraged to share the link with their friends, family, and others who love photography.

ACP says this about how they tell the World: “Your venue will be publicized to many thousands of people through our online festival guide and iPhone app. During the festival, we send a weekly email blast that lists events for the coming week, in which your event will be promoted to 7K+ subscribers. We’ll share your online listing with nearly 12K followers across our social-media channels, with our Instagram site receiving 190K+ impressions during last year’s festival, and our festival website attracting 50K pageviews.”


Please direct any questions to the Salon 2022 coordinator, Darryl Neill.

1st Place Mono, Salon Exhibition 2021 - Initiation Well by Chris Handley

The 2022 Salon Exhibition will be conducted in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Framed Print Presentation Guidelines

Entries must be mounted, matted (white or pastel colors), glassed (glass or plastic/acrylic), framed and delivered ready to hang. The minimum frame size is 11" x 14" with no reasonable maximum. We do not recommend very small (e.g., 5 x 7 in) or very large (much greater than 16 x 20 in) images. 

All quality frames are acceptable. Plain black frames suitable for gallery style presentation and approximately 1" wide (or less) are preferred. Canvas prints, images printed on metal or wood, or bonded to the back of a sheet of acrylic, do not need to be framed, but all images must meet the “hanging” requirements.

Ready to hang means - All entries must have one hook on each side on the back of the frame, and a wire connecting those hooks, suitable for the gallery's hanging system.


Ready to Hang

Labeling and Entry Information

Every image entered must be identified on the back with the title, category (B&W or Color) the photographer’s name and an arrow pointing to the top of the entry. 

Additional image information must be provided to the Exhibition Chair (through the Salon Entry & Payment Button on the Members Page) by the specified date. This includes Photographer, Title, Category (B&W of Color) and Selling Price (or value if “Not for Sale”) for all entries.  A selling price for the image will be included on the ID card so that the entry can be sold to the public (minus commission by the gallery). 

All entries will be examined by the Exhibition Chair/Committee prior to hanging for compliance with the rules, subject of good taste, and quality of mounting, matting and framing. The committee reserves the right to reject or grant acceptance to any entry not in compliance with the rules.

 American Allegory by Mike Shaefer (from Salon 2019)

Marietta Fire by Vivian Lynch (from Salon 2021)

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