About Steve Director

A native of Long Island, NY, Steve Director had a distinguished academic career as an educator and researcher in electrical and computer engineering, and as an administrator at several universities including Carnegie-Mellon University, the University of Michigan and Northeastern University. Since retirement in 2016, he and his wife divide their time between Cape Cod and Atlanta. He joined the Atlanta Photographic Society during 2018.

Steve’s strong interest in photography began during childhood with shooting, processing and printing his black and white photographs in a darkroom he set up in his family’s basement. Until the advent of digital photography, he primarily shot 35mm color slides which meant there was no possibility of altering the images once they were processed.  

Director’s real passion for photography was kindled once he started SCUBA diving and realized that the only way to share the amazing underwater world he experienced with his family and friends was through photographs. As advances in digital photography and processing software improved, his devotion to photography increased exponentially. And he became a “student” once again, learning about all aspects of photography including composition, color theory, and many others.

During the past decade Steve’s photographic interests have widened and now include landscape, wildlife, travel, nature and street photography. As a result, he feels that he can now see details of the environment around him much more clearly. Steve says that the goal of his photography is to share with others the beauty of what he sees, and the emotion he feels, when he snaps the shutter.

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