Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Enrique Duprat spent a good part of his early years in Chile later returning to Argentina where he finished his medical career. Duprat's Surgical training was in New York, where he met his best friend whom he later married. They moved to Puerto Rico, where she was from, and after 13 years and two children, moved back to the United States. 

It is at this moment that Enrique's photography flourished and became a very important part of his life. After 20 years in the USA, in 2013, Enrique and his wife Miriam retired and moved back to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, away from the cold weather and looking forward to warm sunny days and a turquoise blue ocean.

Physician by profession and avid traveler, Duprat has been interested in photography his whole life. What really made a big difference in his dedication was the advent of digital photography with all the enormous possibilities that opened up with it. 

Enrique says this about his photography. "Although I am barely scratching the surface of Photoshop, the little I know fascinates me. I shoot people, nature, still lives...everything looks interesting through my viewfinder. I still have a very long way to go but I am enjoying each and every step." And, "A camera is an instrument that teaches you to see the world without a camera."

As a member of the Atlanta Photographic Society since 2004 Enrique has participated in their monthly photographic competitions almost continuously since then, winning more distinctions than any club member ever! [Editor's note: So far!]