About Janerio Morgan 

Janerio Morgan has been a creative person since he was very young.  His first artistic interest was drawing with pen and ink and watercolor painting. This fascination continued all the way through high school with aspirations of becoming an architect before discovering Industrial Design.

Janerio s first serious exposure to photography was in college doing product photography as an Industrial Design student at Auburn University. There he learned photography basics in black and white, color slide photography and developing & printing images in the darkroom. He stopped shooting after college and didn't really pick a camera up for fifteen years until he started scuba diving in 1999. To document these adventures for family and friends he once again picked up a camera and has been shooting ever since.   

His love of water in general, leading to underwater diving, came from his parents who took the family to the lake almost every weekend during the summers for swimming and fishing.  His passion for underwater photography is still going strong.  

When not in or under the water Janerio's photographic interests lean toward landscapes and nature.  At the top of Janerio's bucket list - to both photograph and dive in Antarctica. His current pursuits include combining underwater and portrait photography, and composite imaging.