Marc McElhaney first discovered his interest in photography in his mid-20’s as a diversion from the pressures of graduate school. After a 30-year break to concentrate on career and family (and on approaching his 60th birthday), Marc decided to revisit his passion for both photography and travel. This led him to wander the backstreets and waterways of little known corners of the world, on what his friends call his “walkabouts.” 

He enjoys capturing images involving regular people engaged in the ordinary, yet profound, activities that hopefully speak to a universal experience. Currently, he is experimenting with a different direction, focusing on more minimalist and abstract imaging.

Over the past several years, Marc has achieved several “Best of Show” awards in various exhibitions, has had a solo show in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival (2013), and in 2016 was named the Creative Photographer of the Year by the Atlanta Photographic Society.

To see more of Marc’s outstanding images, visit his Walkabout Zenfolio site.