Ru Britton came to Atlanta in 1991 after a corporate relocation, but for the past 10 years has split her time between Atlanta and Chicago, which she considers home. She started her professional life as a microbiologist, but moved into marketing, strategic planning, and management consulting roles during a long career. She has been an active volunteer with the Art Institute of Chicago, APS, and other arts and business organizations.

After a disastrous experience photographing her son’s high school graduation with her first 35mm film camera, she enrolled in Emory’s continuing education photography course. She enjoyed shooting for class assignments and was hooked on photography after that. She studied the work of well known photographers, being inspired particularly by the early pictorialists (e.g. Stieglitz), by famous fashion and portrait photographers, and by the ‘decisive moment’ photography of Cartier-Bresson.

Seeing an ad for APS in Creative Loafing, she checked out the club and found it a community of welcoming and talented members - all encouraging and helpful, with tips for competitions, better imaging, and equipment recommendations. This comraderie was especially helpful when the time came to switch from film to digital and as equipment evolved.

Ru’s style often focuses on subject matter found in urban environments - architecture, activities, people and places. She likes creating images that cause the viewer to smile or wonder what they are seeing. In addition to photography, she enjoys travel and her latest kick - dabbling in art as an urban sketcher.