Our APS group was absolutely fascinated by the High Museum's photography show - A Long Arc: Photography and the American South Since 1850. We visited the show on it's last day, January 14, 2024. The incredible variety of images and photographic processes represented lent a "time travel" aura to the experience.

Al, Mike and Ken admire an image

We constantly discussed how many images might have been captured, and marveled at the incredible range of photographic artistry.

Some of our Group at the High Museum

The High certainly has an expansive and illuminating collection of Southern photography. It was a great time and excellent inspiration for our own photography.

An eerie, thought-provoking image by Sally Mann

In the "style" of Marc McElhaney

Don't Mess With His Quilt!

The image we discussed the most

This last image initiated much discussion among our group. Was it "found," or was it "staged?" What do you think?