There’s nothing quite like helping others just for the fun of it. There are many ways to do this. You could donate money or volunteer your time to your favorite charity, or you could simply drop off some unwanted stuff at the Goodwill store near you. Another less obvious way to help others is through the medium of photography. 

Since I had a large portfolio of cute animal photos, I decided my target audience would be children. 

Mike Shaefer and Caroline Snodgrass with Mike's photo exhibit and the children's drawings at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta- Scottish Rite.

To enliven the kid's interaction with Mike's photographs the children did drawings or crayon colorings of many of the photographs. It was a lot of fun and stimulating for everyone.

So when you get a chance, think about how you can use your images to bring a brief but precious moment of happiness into someone's life. Take the time to think of ways your images could be used to help others and decide on a good target audience. You will be happy you did.