The Atlanta Photographic Society's (APS's) "visually striking" web site was awarded First Place in the Photographic Society of America's (PSA's) 2020 web site contest. This is our third award, including two First Places (2018 and 2020), during the past 4 years! 

The Contest and Winners 

Photography clubs from all over the United States and around the world enter the Photographic Society of America's (PSA's) annual web site contest. The contest has two divisions: Small Clubs (<75 members) - where we compete, and Large Clubs (>75 members). Numerous high-quality sites/clubs participate. 

APS Website Front Page (6/4/2020)

Judging Criteria 

The team of PSA judges rated the competing web sites on 37 important characteristics grouped into these five main categories - First Impressions, Overall Design, Content, Site Effectiveness, and Professionalism. The judges also awarded "bonus points" based on the merits of the sites beyond the basics of those criteria, such as: Did the site grab your attention? Did the site make a lasting impression? And, did the site meet or exceed your personal guidelines on what makes a site interesting and effective? 

All of the PSA judges rated the  APS site "excellent" in all categories, and, they all awarded the maximum of 15 bonus points! 

APS Website Gallery

Judges' Comments 

Judge 1 - One is instantly captured by the homepage [which] boldly states the purpose for the club and who it is trying to attract. Great idea to use the photo of the month as background on this page which means a visitor is always offered a look at members work. From there no matter what topic I thought of to look for, it was amazingly easy to find the page I wanted. This website makes me want to move to Atlanta and be a member. 

Front Page - Link to Competition Results

Judge 2 - This site is superior in many ways. Visually it is striking. The information is very thorough. It is impressive to see how it captured previous years scoring summaries of ALL members. [The] members section has very good information. [The] list of members and how to contact is very good. This is simply a well crafted and well laid out site.

Members' Page 

Team Work 

Congratulations to the many APS members who contribute to the APS web site! It's truly a team effort including: Chris Handley's expert design and continuous improvements, Jim Harrison's editing of all the narrative content and the "News and View's" blog, numerous informative blog articles (and other content) contributed by Don Stephens, Mike Shaefer, Jim Harrison and others, and competition scoring and other important club information on the Members' Page organized by Rohit Kamboj, Janerio Morgan and others.

News & Views Blog 

And most important, all the wonderful, creative images by our wealth of very talented APS members!

Master Photographers' Page 

Thanks to PSA! 

We also thank the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for expertly running the web site contest every year. It's a great way to promote photography! We especially appreciate your judges' insightful critiques and we are already working on those and other improvements.