For the club’s September 27th, 2016 program meeting, APS photographers Al McLeod and Jim Harrison treated the membership to a program on “Event Photography.”  

Jim presented a talk covering the basics of how to plan and execute an event shoot.  This included: doing your homework on the event, planning your shot list and shoot logistics, determining equipment needs, carrying out your shooting plan, processing and delivering the images, and tracking image uses & followup.

The Wiz by Al McLeod

The group also discussed strategies for finding events to photograph, and the wide range of benefits of event shooting to both photographers and event participants and organizers.  You can view slides of the talk by clicking on this link:   pdf of Event Photography talk  .

Al showed wonderful examples of the many events he has photographed over the years, including: plays, sports, music and many others.

Ping Pong Round Robin by Al McLeod

The Singer by Al McLeod

Jim, who just started shooting events during the past year, also shared examples of his event images.  These included a benefit concert for the Journey Men’s shelter in Atlanta and extensive coverage of an unusual but fast growing sport - a long range precision rifle match, which you can view at: rifle match photographs .

Walk Out From the Pines Composite (500+ to over 1000+ yard targets)           by Jim Harrison

Al and I really appreciated all our members chiming in with their event shooting experiences and advice.  We hope you enjoy our recommendations and examples.  And we are always available to answer your questions, discuss event shooting strategies, and assist anyone just getting started.  

Event shooting has many benefits for one’s skills as a photographer.  At the same time, high quality photographs provide valuable assistance to the organizations using them and lots of fun memories for all event participants.

Jim Harrison, APS President