Our 2019 APS Awards Banquet was held Thursday December 5th at Hudson's Grille in Brookhaven. Big thank you's go to Mike Shaefer for making arrangements, to Don Stephens for producing the awards posters, and to Rohit Kamboj & Al McLeod for organizing the awards. Plus a special thanks to Janerio Morgan for coordinating the Masters Competition while Rohit was traveling to India!

Best of the Year Images

The "Best of the Year" images were certainly special! New member Jennifer Cardinell's Street Musician, featuring exquisite 'Rembrant' lighting, came away with 1st in Color. Mike Shaefer's Eyes of the Past, highlighting fascinating texture around the subject's eyes and in the beard, received 1st in Monochrome. And Stan Greenberg's Elephant Walk, combining a wonderful sunset, reflections and silhouetted elephants, won 1st in Digital. 

Please be sure to click the thumbnails on the right to check out larger versions, plus the 2nd and 3rd place ribbon winners. All our Master's Competition winners (including the Honorable Mentions) will be posted in the Master's section of our Gallery shortly.

Street Musician by Jennifer Cardinell

Eyes of the Past by Mike Shaefer

Elephant Walk by Stan Greenberg

Member's Choice Award Images

Our Member's Choice honor for Color went to On A Country Road In Texas by Jennifer Cardinell, and for Monochrome to Stars Above - Stars Below by Darryl Neill.

On a Country Road in Texas by Jennifer Cardinell

Stars Above - Stars Below by Darryl Neill

Photographers of the Year - 2019

The APS Photographers of the Year for 2019 were: Mike Shaefer - Creative Photographer of the Year, Jennifer Cardinell - Color Photographer of the Year, Marc McElhaney - Monochrome Photographer of the Year, and Steve Director - Digital Photographer of the Year.

Mike Shaefer - Creative Photographer of the Year

Jennifer Cardinell - Color Photographer of the Year

Marc McElhaney (right) - Monochrome Photographer of the Year with Al McLeod

Steve Director - Digital Photographer of the Year (Steve missed the Banquet - he was on a diving trip to Grand Cayman - a tough job, but someone has to do it!)

Other Major 2019 Awards

Mike Shaefer also took home the Club's Presentation Medal.

The APS Rookie of the Year award was earned by Elsie Allen. Congratulations to Elsie also for gaining an Honorable Mention for her touching monochrome image, Repose.

And last, but not least, the Club's Helene Mewborn/Ed Calhoun Service Award went to Rohit Kamboj, our Competition Chair. For the past two years Rohit has modernized our scoring and image entry systems for the digital/internet age (with more improvements in-the-works), making our club record-keeping seem like a "cool breeze on a hot Atlanta day!"

Master Photographer Designations

Rohit Kamboj received the "Artist" distinction, and Steve Director moved to the "Craftsman" level. Congratulations to both for their sustained, cumulative accomplishments! All our Master Photographer pages are well worth a visit!

And a heads-up for future Master Photographer news: two long-time members, Darryl Neill and Ru Britton are both very close to attaining the Master Photographer designation. And Mike Shaefer is within shouting distance of achieving Distinguished Master Photographer, the highest level of career achievement for the Atlanta Photographic Society. 

Thanks to all our members for a great year of simply superb images! 

Our prospects for 2020 are looking good!!