New Member Guide

All new APS members receive a handy guide to all our club activities and benefits - competitions, programs, exhibitions, mentoring by our Master Photographers, and many others!

New Member Guide


Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. We believe a mentor should support and encourage by offering suggestions and sharing knowledge, both specific and general, based on your individual needs. 

Mentor Coupons

We realize everyone has specific needs and questions on their journey with a camera. Your mentor will offer individual guidance based on many years of experience behind the camera. A mentor's input may lead to a project, building a portfolio, learning how to make gallery contacts, or feedback on your images. Each new member will be offered the opportunity to be assigned a mentor or you can just ask an APS officer about our program.

APS Photographers "Hit the Beach" on Hunting Island


Beginning during 2019, new APS members will have the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise of our Master Photographers (at all levels). Our highly skilled APS Master Photographers (Distinguished, Master, Artist and Craftsperson) will be offering their time and experience to act as mentors for new members. 

New members can use the five valuable "coupons" in their New Member Booklet for: image/portfolio reviews with our Masters, help with preparing their images for competitions, or assistance on any aspect or their photographic journey - capturing images, composition, post-processing, etc. 

The Histogram

These continuing interactions between "old" and "new" members can spark long-term mentoring relationships that will benefit everyone. We see this process helping all new members to be comfortable with image critiques and our competitions. And we are sure that the help, encouragement and recommendations our Masters provide to new members will point them toward success with their own photographic visions and styles.

We are excited to begin this mentoring path with all our new members starting in 2019 (those who joined during 2018 are also included!) If you're new, just ask any club officer (or handy Master Photographer), to hook you up with with one or more of our Master Photographers.

Exposure Compensation 

Get to Know Our APS Master Photographers

Distinguished Master: Mario DiGirolamo (1934 - 2019), Enrique Duprat

Master: Jim Harrison, Al McLeod, Mike Shaefer, Janerio Morgan, Marc McElhaney, Chris Handley and Stan Greenberg.

Artist: Ru Britton, Darryl Neill and Jack Martin.

Craftsperson: Don Stephens, Rohit Kamboj, Brandon Ward, Brad Bartee and Sekar Narayanan. 

Follow the link above to learn more about each of our "Master Photographers" and explore galleries of their favorite images. 

Judging Images by APS Members

Other Important Benefits

Details of many other cool membership benefits are found at "Secretary's Update" - click on the blue stripe near the bottom of the home page of the web site. Check out the club's X-Rite Color Munki to calibrate your monitor and printer, or any of a number of educational videos and books such as Fundamentals of Photography.  Get 10% off on frames at Frame Destination. And contribute to the club by ordering your ink jet paper from Red River Paper.

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