Mike Shaefer's wonderful set of iceberg images from Antarctica were the top vote getters, while the next two favorite themes were definitely for the birds.

The three top themes, as voted by viewers of the 2018 Photographers' Theme Exhibition were:

First Place Theme - The Creative Hand of Nature by Mike Shaefer

Iceberg Delight by Mike Shaefer

Whipped Cream by Mike Shaefer

Symmetrical Balance by Mike Shaefer

Second Place Theme - Birds of Florida by Janerio Morgan

Caring by Janerio Morgan

Watching by Janerio Morgan

Preening by Janerio Morgan

Third Place Theme - Humming Birds: Diversity by Vincent Huyhn

Violet-Tailed Sylph by Vincent Huyhn

Sword-Billed Hummingbird by Vincent Huyhn

Buff-Tailed Coronet by Vincent Huyhn

All of the 45 images (15 themes) were wonderful.  Many guests, and FBC-D members, commented on the high quality of the show.

These "mini-portfolios" are a great way to showcase the talent of our APS photographers.  Please be sure to start thinking about and shooting for your themes for next year's 2019 Photographer's Theme Exhibition.