The club received almost more “book learning” than we could absorb when Darryl Neill shared the cream of his extensive photography book collection during our monthly program, April 28, 2016.

Some of the vast array of books presented by Darryl and other club members

Professor Neill’s superb and diverse array of photography books are well worth considering for anyone’s photographic education.   These included “how-to” books, collections of photographs, books about the history of photography, some historical books related to photography where photography was not the central topic, and books of fiction that involve photography or photographers.

Books Presented by Darryl Neill (partial list):

Nature Photography Field Guide (John Shaw, 2000)

Guide to Digital Nature Photography (John Shaw, 2015)

The Art of iPhone Photography (Weil and Fitz-Gerald, 2013)

Light—Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting (4th ed., Hunter, Biver, and Fuqua, 2012)

The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography (Randall, 2015)

How Do I Do That in Lightroom? (Kelby, 2015)

One Flash! Great Photography with Just One Light (Gockel, 2015)

Understanding Close-Up Photography (Peterson, 2009)

The Digital Photography Book (Kelby, 2013) (Parts 1-5) 

On the iPhone (David Hume Kennerly, 2014)

Photographic Publishing Houses:

Rocky Nook (Relatively new and noteworthy products)


New Riders


Focal Press



Popular Photography

Outdoor Photographer

Digital Photographer (British)

Black & White



Books Presented by Other APS Members:

The Practice of Contemplative Photography (Karr and Wood, 2011)

The Photographer’s Eye (Freeman, 2007)

The Photographer’s Mind (Freeman, 2011)

Perfect Exposure (Freeman, 2009)

Learning to See Creatively (Revised Edition, Peterson, 2003)

Underwater Photography Manual (Tackett and Tackett)

Digital Photography Master Class (Ang)

Lighting for Still Life (Bavister)

The Moment It Clicks (McNally, 2008)

Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers (Grey)

The Negative (Adams)

Contemplative Photography

Various easily available online resources (reviews, table of contents, quick look, etc.) can help those interested learn more about the books listed.  Knowing that fellow club members endorse these books is great to know. It’s certainly a big help to me.

Thank you to Darryl Neill, Luis Pita, Mike Shaefer, Janerio Morgan, Shekar Narayanan, Brandon Ward and Jim Harrison for sharing their favorite books with the club!


The remainder of the program night was a fun critique of member images by the club members present.


Janerio presents an underwater image for critique

The collective wisdom of many APS photographers’ applied to one’s image is impressive and enlightening.

Our critiques are always a fabulous learning experience! Don’t miss the next one!!

Jim Harrison, APS President