What a superb array of images! Thanks to all the talented APS photographers who entered their best photographs in the 2019 APS Salon Exhibition. Touring the show revealed the depth and breadth of our APS shooters interests and artistic eyes. Here are the award-winning images for you to enjoy.

Best in Show

Mike Shaefer's image, The Revolutionary, took the Best in Show honor. Such an interesting portrait/face/visage! It's monochrome treatment really brought out the character of the subject. Well deserved Mike!

The Revolutionary by Mike Shaefer

Mike With Best in Show Awards

Color Images (41 images entered)

Jennifer Cardinell's Street Musician wowed everyone with it's delicate, Rembrant-like lighting. Congratulations on a "big" award, 1st Place - Color, for a new member! (Click on the thumbnails (upper right) to view all the ribbon winners.)

Street Musician by Jennifer Cardinell

Jennifer With 1st Place Color Awards 

Color Winners List

1st: Jennifer Cardinell, “Street Musician” 

2nd: Michael Shaefer, “American Allegory” 

3rd: Michael Shaefer, “Adversity Together” 

HM Rohit Kamboj, “Colors of Life” 

HM Michael Shaefer, “Elephant Heaven” 

HM Darryl Neill, “End of an Era” 

HM Janerio Morgan, “Fall Opening” 

HM Jennifer Cardinell, “On a Country Road in Texas”

Monochrome Images (20 images entered)

All the monochrome images in this year's show were outstanding. Marc McElhaney's Three Lawyers on a Bench captured a very special interactive moment in the lives of three barristers, taking 1st Place. (Click on the thumbnails (upper right) to view all the ribbon winners.)

Three Lawyers on a Bench by Marc McElhaney

Marc With 1st Place Monochrome Awards 

Monochrome Winners List

1st: Marc McElhaney, “Three Lawyers on a Bench” 

2nd: Michael Shaefer, “Cowboy by Design” 

3rd: Darryl Neill, “Stars Above, Stars Below” 

HM: Rohit Kamboj, “Pillars and Shadows”


Thanks to Darryl Neill for his deft coordination of this year's show, and to all the many visitors who took the time to enjoy a very special experience through the eyes and shutters of our extraordinarily talented APS photographers.