The Awards Reception

Everyone enjoyed our well-attended Salon 2022 Awards Reception, Friday evening - October 28, 2022. APS President Darryl Neill announced all the winners. And the entire crowd had a great time admiring and discussing the merits of the ribbon-winning images and the rest of the many outstanding entries.

APS President Darryl Neill Announcing the Salon 2022 Awards

Guests Discussing and Critiquing One of the Entries

The Awards

Here are the big winners.

First Place Mono: Center of Attention by Janerio Morgan

First Place Color: The Burj From the Bridge by Michelle Simmons

Best in Show: Together by Mike Shaefer

And the People's Choice selection, voted by the Salon Attendees.

People's Choice: Climax Steam Engine by Jenn Cardinell

Please enjoy the rest of the ribbon winners in the thumbnails. And be sure to congratulate all the award-winning photographers for their excellent work. All of this year's Salon entries will be posted soon in our on-line gallery.

Thank You

Many thanks go to APS President, Darryl Neill, who organized this year's Salon Exhibition.

And a special thank you to the team of three judges who discerned the award-winning images. Those judges are:

Stan Kaady

Stan Kaady is an Atlanta based photographer who creates elegant and dynamic portraits of people, from internationally acclaimed attorneys and C-Suite decision-makers to marine biologists, first-responders, construction workers, and government officials. He also collaborates with corporations and agencies to help design and create narrative-based images for in-house libraries.

Robin Davis

Robin Davis is known for her evocative portraits and photographic narratives that resonate with mood, personality, and place. Using simple techniques in the most creative ways she empowers her students to build their own visual vocabularies. Please be sure to check out her The Third Eye - Creative Photography Workshops.

Scott Turner

Scott Turner began photography during high school; working on the school paper, yearbook,  events, and “portraits” for friends. He says he didn’t consider it an art so much as a craft. 

After retirement from a career in information technology, he returned to photography with the maturity and perspective to appreciate the craft as a powerful tool for creating art. Now, he seeks to improve his own skills and artistry, not only by study, but also by examining and appreciating the work of others. He says that so many photographers are producing great images, that he finds it humbling.