Salon 2018 Awards Reception

The Awards Reception for the 2018 Salon Exhibition was held Saturday 11/20 in the beautiful 3rd Floor Gallery at First Baptist Church of Decatur. Lots of members, friends and neighbors came to enjoy the show. So many "People's Choice" ballots were cast that they are still being counted! (I guess everyone was into practicing voting for the upcoming election!!)

Award Winners

Congratulations to Brandon Ward for his 1st Place Monochrome and "Best in Show" image, Door Shapes. Please, if you're able to come see the show, take a close look at the incredible detail in Brandon's print. It definitely makes a case for the artistic capabilities of large format film images. Wonderful job Brandon!

Best in Show and 1st Place Mono: Door Shapes by Brandon Ward

The other Monochrome awards were taken by the following superb images. Enjoy!

2nd Place Mono: Seagull Heaven by Marc McElhaney

3rd Place Mono: Sheldon Church Mysteries by Jim Harrison

Color Award Winners

Congratulations to Rohit Kamboj for his 1st Place Color image: Carriage #112.

Rohit with his 1st Place Color award for Carriage #112

1st Place Color: Carriage No. 112 by Rohit Kamboj

2nd Place Color: Life In The Crater by Mike Shaeffer

3rd Color: Sloss Wheel by Jim Harrison

Honorable mentions for color included the following wonderful images: Strumming on My Edsel by Mike Shaeffer; Art Land by Mike Shaeffer; Out of the Past-Cadillac by Janerio Morgan; Jellyfish by Rohit Kamboj; Searching by Brandon Ward; and Old Headlamp by Jim Harrison

Please click the side-bar/light-box (upper right) to view all the excellent Honorable Mention images.

People's Choice Winners

After record heavy voting, the People's Choice winners were: 1st Place - Art Land by Mike Shaefer, 2nd Place - Life in the Crater by Mike Shaefer, and 3rd Place - Carriage No. 112 by Rohit Kamboj.

1st Place People's Choice - Art Land by Mike Shaefer


A big thank you goes to our team of three expert judges: Robin Davis, Taylor Bareford and John Mason! Their thoughtful, critical eyes are a big benefit to the club.  And thanks to Brandon Ward (Salon Chair), Mike Shaefer and all the other APS members who put in lots of hard work for another successful show.

Judges: Taylor Bareford, John Mason and Robin Davis, with Brandon Ward (who's also "on the lookout" in his image in the middle).

See the Show

Salon 2018 runs through 11/2 at FBC-Decatur.  See it before its too late!