Who, When and Where

This year's Salon Exhibition features a vast array of creative images - 60+ photographs by 13 of our members.  Our new members are well represented including Jenn Cardinell, Elsie Allen and D. K. Green. Mainstays include: Darryl Neill, Mike Shaefer, Marc McElhaney, Rohit Kamboj, Jim Harrison, Ruth Gogel, Janerio Morgan, Al McLeod, Don Stephens and Vivian Stephens. 

For an extensive preview, please click on the thumbnail images on the right.

Street Musician by Jenn Cardinell

The show runs Sunday October 6 through Friday November 1 at our regular meeting location - First Baptist Church of Decatur. Visiting Hours are whenever the church is open - Mon. thru Thur. 9am to 5pm, Fri. 9am to 12noon, and Sun. 8:30am to 1pm. 

Awards Reception

The Awards Reception for the 2019 Salon is open to the public and many of the photographers will be there for you to meet.  Tentative Date: (Please check back here) Saturday, October 26, 7-9pm in the 3rd Floor Gallery at First Baptist Church of Decatur. 

Repose by Elsie Allen

Peoples' Choice Award and "Yellow Stickies"

Besides seeing some great photography, voting for the "Peoples' Choice" award is always great fun for show visitors. Don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite images. 

Cathedral Vestibule View by D. K. Green 

While you're at it post a "yellow sticky" with your reactions and comments on images.  It's super feedback for the photographers and a good way to stimulate conversations about the photos between viewers and photographers.  Have fun!

Thank You's

Darryl Neill has done a superb job organizing this year's show. And Rohit Kamboj's new web-based entry system has worked great. We all appreciate the help provided by our members who hung the show: Darryl, Mike, Rohig, Jim, Ruth, Janerio, Jenn, Al, Don, Diego and Vivian!

See you There!

American Allegory by Mike Shaefer