A collection of all ribbon-winning images from monthly competitions throughout the year are entered into the November master competition on behalf of the winners. The master competition is the only competition where no critique will take place, but every member present will score each image. The scores will be tabulated after the competition and “Best of the Year” ribbons will be presented to the winners at our annual holiday party in December.

Annual Awards 2020

Creative Photographer of the Year – Mike Shaefer
Color Print Photographer of the Year – Michelle Simmons
Monochrome Print Photographer of the Year – Mike Shaefer
Digital Photographer of the Year – Rohit Kamboj
Presentation Medal – Jim Harrison
Rookie/New Member of the Year Medal – Michelle Simmons
Helene Mewborn/Ed Calhoun Service Award – Mike Shaefer / Elsie Allen
Lifetime achievement Award – Not Awarded in 2020