About Jim Harrison

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina sparked Jim Harrison's interest in landscapes and nature. His quest to learn photography began during Jr. High, when he wrote a science/English paper on how an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera works.  

Harrison's images inspire stewardship of our dwindling natural heritage, and promote protection and restoration of ecological integrity for this and future generations. His images also find beauty in the ordinary, exploring the qualities of transience and imperfection epitomized by the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi-Sabi.  

According to Harrison, "Being a member of the Atlanta Photographic Society continues to be a great experience. Seeing the diverse artistic approaches of all our talented photographers has considerably broadened my photographic horizons. I especially appreciate the boundless tips, and insightful critiques of all my attempts."

Available Light by Jim Harrison was published, October 2018. The Book includes 150+ of Jim's favorite images, including 130 "ribbon winners" from APS competitions over the years. Contact Jim for special "friends & relatives" pricing for Available Light, or to inquire about prints of his images. A selection of Jim's recent images can be viewed at his Pentax Photo Gallery page.

Professionally, Jim Harrison was an environmental scientist focusing on water quality and its watershed influences. Thus, he often visited both relatively pristine natural environments and places devastated by human actions. During 2014 he retired from a 30+ year career working on water quality monitoring and standards development with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Besides photography, Jim's other retirement activities include serving: on the Boards of Clairmont Oaks and Briarcliff Oaks (affordable housing for seniors) in Decatur, GA, as Co-Chair of the Visual Arts Guild at First Baptist Church of Decatur, on the Deacon Council and on other church committees. He also has many other interests including history, public policy, golf and long-range precision rifle.