Celebrating 50 Years! 

Saturday’s beautiful, sunny skies and comfortable temperatures welcomed us to McClatchy Park for a fun (masked and socially distanced) celebration (11/14/2020) of the Atlanta Photographic Society’s 50th Anniversary.   

50 Years! 

More copies of the lovely book commemorating this event in time were distributed and now, (almost) everyone proudly has one. 

Rohit Kamboj with his copies of our 50th Anniversary Book 

Members were starving to socialize during these uncertain times. We shared stories, memories, ideas for the club’s future, great photography books, historic photos, hot chocolate with marshmallows, pizza, and a variety of other goodies. We enjoyed a sneak preview/peek at the final draft of Marc McElhaney’s brand-new book of his marvelous travel photographs.  Marc McElhaney gives us a glimpse of the latest draft of his new book 

Plus, Janerio Morgan shared several stunning “metal prints” of his mushroom macro images going to a gallery in North Georgia. Janerio Morgan reveals his gallery prints 

Banter, Chatter, Talk…, and Sharing 

Besides chatting, we discussed ideas to widely circulate current articles on the APS web site. The wealth of content on our award winning web site deserves a bigger audience beyond the club and among our members. 

These articles covering tools, techniques, artistic approaches, and club news are written by the very members at this meeting. They are done with heart and soul and genuine love of the craft.  They are written after trial and error, and careful research on practices and events. These will be the articles and stories that are told in years to come so that members who follow will know what the first and the second 50 Years of APS were all about.   

We discussed this stressful time in our lives when, due to COVID-19, we find we are not able to assemble as often as before.  The health and future of the club depends on creative changes in how we meet and safely do workshops, and how old practices can be incorporated into new formats.  I am certain we will find inventive solutions because these photographers are committed to this club and are serious about their craft. 

Helene Mewborn Honored 

As the founder of this club, Helene Mewborn was honored by her friends with a beautiful award.  In her own fashion she accepted the award and compliments graciously, while at the same time noting several times that, "the people are who make the club," and that she did not work alone establishing it so many years ago.  Helene Mewborn receives her “Founders” Award from APS President – Mike Shaefer 

One opinion, seemingly felt by all, was that had it not been for Helene’s vision and willingness to persevere, this group of photographers may have never found one another. Her friends also agree that Helene is one of the most patient people they have ever known, and her patience was instrumental in forming the APS as it is known today.   Helene’s Award 

A New Member’s Thoughts 

To refer to this group as ‘members’ doesn’t feel adequate. They are friends who happen to be members. As a newbie to the club, I am still observing with awe and wonder while feeling Blessed that I found this club to join. My feet aren’t even wet, yet.   I see friends who have shared many years together, teaching and learning from each other.  They share new technology and talk about old technology. They discuss cameras of all ages and brands, favorite lenses, bags to fit the purpose and accessories I have yet to experience.  Darrel and Jennifer talk about gear

APS Members contemplating the last half century and the next

They share their interests and listen intently as others share their own.  I see extremely talented people who are accomplished photographers and only wish I had known them a lot sooner than this.  With all their knowledge, skills, and talents, they are humble and willing to share more than others might do so in a lifetime.  These friends would love nothing more than to share the APS Club with all who have a love of Photography so that the 100 Year Anniversary will also be documented in books, articles and photographs neatly arranged and labeled in albums. So that a new group of friends will know how the APS was founded and feel a kinship to Helene and her friends of the past 50 years, this club will live on. From this newbie’s perspective, this is the club to associate oneself with and I invite everyone with a photographic heart to join us. 

Thank You’s 

Thank you, Jennifer for being quite the hostess with an amazing ability to set up an event.  You thought of everything, down to the clothes pins to hold down the tablecloths and the confetti tossed just-right onto the tables, even if some the ‘50s’ look like ‘20s’ upside-down.  Mike, thank you for bringing the pizzas! No one left hungry as there were several different pies to satisfy all. 

And thank you Jim and Helene for the many photos that you shot during this historic event. It looks like more albums will be available for our 100th Anniversary.