Please be sure to check out the ribbon winning images (so far) from the Okefenokee and Puerto Rico trips. Just click on the thumbnails (to the right). A big thank you goes to Don Stephens, the mastermind who coordinated both trips!

The Okefenokee

Winter time in the Okefenokee was a great time to visit with cool temperatures and very low numbers of flying, biting critters. Our group had lots of fun capturing images of the night sky, birds and other wildlife, and interesting winter views of the swamp itself. All "voyaged" on a very enlightening guided boat trip through the swamp. We also enjoyed plenty of "down-time" together, cooking out, talking photography and relaxing in the spacious Stephen F. Foster State Park cabins.

Janerio at "The Sill" by Jim Harrison

Rhapsody in Blue by Vivian Stephens

Don Grilling the Brats by Jim Harrison

Darryl Ready for Action by Don Stephens

Puerto Rico

A great big thank you goes to Enrique Duprat for hosting and guiding our whole group while visiting beautiful Puerto Rico! And to Miriam Duprat for feeding us a super lasagna dinner!

The whole experience was fantastic! It was my first visit to Puerto Rico, and the sights and shoots that Enrique arranged were absolutely fabulous. I will always remember the cave, the incredible beaches, the ruins, the golf course cliffs and Lena’s wonderful expressions! I especially appreciated the beautiful drive to San German and through the mountains on Saturday – it was a great introduction to the island's mountains. Everyone enjoyed all the other historic and interesting places Enrique guided us to.

One indelible memory was the epic ping-pong match between Al and Enrique (Al won) followed my not-so-epic ping-pong induced head-bonk vs. the concrete wall! Thanks again Enrique for your expert care, the partial hair-cut, and the “super glue” fix – it healed well & quickly.

The APS Puerto Rico Group

Enrique Seriously Pleased Receiving His "Distinguished Master Photographer" Certificate

Lena (our model) and Friend by Jim Harrison

A special thanks goes to our model, Lena, for all her wonderful expressions!