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LED Photographic Lights - Power in Lights Part 2

In the digital world, with usable sensitivity set on the camera (ISOs of 800, 1,600 and higher available), we no longer need all that power of the old-style lights. In addition, for video we must have flicker-free continuous light. Photographic LED lights today are not nearly as powerful as the former flash units...

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APS 50th Anniversary Book

Part of our photography club's 2020 50th Anniversary Celebration includes publishing a beautiful commemorative book of our current members' photographs.    ...

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  • Reflections in the Lake by Don Stephens

Field Trip Fun 2019 - Puerto Rico and the Okefenokee

So far this year APS has taken two outstanding field trips. First to the Okefenokee Swamp (1/31-2/2) and next to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (2/27-3/4). Everyone who went had a blast! ...

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Free Video Class for APS Members

Video is the "New Language of Photography." In addition to the artistic vision, imaging techniques, composition skills and other assets needed for successful still photography, there are special skills and topics for video that need to be mastered. ...

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