All APS members know and enjoy Marc McElhaney's intriguing street photography from around the world. Now he has compiled and published a gorgeous new book featuring fifty-six (56) of those outstanding images - In the Moment: My Seventh Decade through the Lens.

In the Moment - Front Cover

According to Marc the genesis of these images was, "When I was lucky enough to progress to the age of 60 with my health relatively intact, I made a couple of resolutions to re-engage in two long dormant passions. I resolved to revisit my passion for travel and to resurrect my interest in photography, both of which I had set aside to to a large extent during my 20's."

Traveling by Marc McElhaney

What ensued was travel to more than 30 countries during the past 10 years and an astonishing array of images that Marc hopes, "[bear] witness to the immense diversity (and the underlying universality) of how humans create their respective cultures and then navigate within them." This reviewer judges his effort a big success, and that this extraordinary image collection will interest and fascinate everyone!

Mother and Child by Marc McElhaney

Marc says of his travel and image quest, "My intent was to expose myself to the unfamiliar and the unforeseen, and to generally avoid, with a few exceptions, the more well-traveled places. ... The goal was not to document or make some kind of point. This was purely for my experience, and a chance to express what I experienced in a creative manner." Another well-done success!

Barber Shop Self-Portrait by Marc McElhaney

All-in-all Marc feels thankful for the opportunity to meet so many welcoming people. And he thanks, "...all of the people in the public spaces that lent me their images for that brief moment in their lives." Marc's heartfelt, respectful images show an intimate connection between the photographer, his subjects, and their environment and culture.

Joy in the Moment by Marc McElhaney

The next decade of Marc McElhaney's images are sure to be another insightful adventure.

Learn how to get your copy of In the Moment at this page and enjoy more of Marc's photography at Walkabout Images.

Unique Places and Moments in Time - Marc McElhaney