We all had a great time at the APS 2023 Awards Banquet, January 20, 2024 at Athens Pizza!

Best of the Year Monochrome Images

1st Place Monochrome - Arctic Tern Ascent by Darryl Neill 

2nd Place Monochrome - Lariat by Jack Martin 

3rd Place Monochrome - Pead Boy by Al McLeod 

Best of the Year Color Images

1st Place Color - Nighttime Spectacle by Steve Director 

2nd Place Color - Golden Glide by Michelle Simmons 

3rd Place Color - Snakes From the Pit by Darryl Neill 

Please be sure to view all the Masters Competition winners "full screen" in our 2023 Masters Gallery. All the Honorable Mention winners are displayed there too.

Club Awards

Both Creative Photographer of the Year and Color Photographer of the Year were awarded to Michelle Simmons. Well deserved and congratulations!

Michelle Simmons with her 2023 Awards trophies

Mike Shaefer took home the Monochrome Photographer of the Year award.

Mike Shaefer with his trophy

And Denise Stein won the Service Award for her outstanding work as club treasurer.

Ribbons were also awarded to all the many Honorable Mention winners. Janerio Morgan shows off his handsome collection of ribbons for individual images.

Janerio Morgan with his 2023 Masters Competition ribbons

And last, but not least, our founder - Helene Mewborn - got to show off her digital photography skills with her phone-camera.

Helene Mewborn has digital skills too!

Thanks go to Darryl, Mike and Al for organizing the wonderful dinner and the many awards. See you in 2024 for another year of very creative photography!