About Nature's Generosity

Nature's Generosity is a travelling exhibition of over ninety (90) outstanding landscape, nature and wildlife images. I attended the showing at Fernbank Science Center (Dekalb County, GA) during June, and it's a wonderful show.

Wilderness Photography Foundation 

The Wilderness Photography Foundation is an Atlanta based non-profit. Their mission: "Using the visual power of photography to increase awareness of the beauty and value of wilderness and wildlife toward encouraging action to protect and preserve wild spaces."

Nature's Generosity Show Entrance at Fernbank

Features Two APS Photographers

Many of the photographers are Georgia based, but several hail from around the US. Two of those photographers include Janerio Morgan and Jenn Cardinell, both APS members.

Some of the Fernbank Show with the Apollo Capsule

See Nature's Generosity

While the Nature's Generosity show has moved on from Fernbank, the show travels to eight (8) more locations now through the Fall of 2024. Six of those show locations are in Georgia, with one each in Tennessee and Florida. All these sites, show dates and opening receptions are listed on the Foundations' Nature's Generosity page. So make your plans now to see Nature's Generosity!

More from Nature's Generosity

Still More of Nature's Generosity with Iron Meteorite (foreground) at Fernbank