Club Results

Overall, our six entries did great. After the first round of the Photographic Society of America's 2022 Projected Image Division (PID) competition the Atlanta Photographic Society is in 3rd Place among the twenty-three (23) photography clubs in Group C. We are only one point behind the two clubs who are tied for 1st Place, Belmont 16S Photography Club and the Wangi Workers Camera Club, both from Australia.

Honor Awards (Blue Ribbons)

Two of our APS photographers received Honor Awards (blue ribbons) in the 1st round. Marc McElhaney got his Honor Award for Old Friends and Michelle Simmons received hers for Don't Pass Me By - Don't Make Me Blue.

Old Friends by Marc McElhaney

Don't Pass Me By - Don't Make Me Blue by Michelle Simmons

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions were also won by Mike Shaefer and Chris Handley. Mike's HM was for American Patriot and Chris's was for Initiation Well.

American Patriot by Mike Shaefer

Initiation Well by Chris Handley

Thanks to Marc McElhaney for his continued great work organizing our entries for the PSA-PID competitions. And congratulations to all the winners!