Dating back to 1799 and still operating today, Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm transports you to agricultural times-gone-by. Beautiful fields, forests, and buildings, plus a plethora of tools, implements and machinery provide a view into the life and work of Georgia Piedmont agriculture in times-past, the people who began and continued it, and the good folks who still sustain it. 

A Good Group of Explorers

About a dozen club members and guests explored the wide variety of history at Shields-Ethridge during the course of the day - Saturday, April 17. Late in the day several carloads also visited Hurricane Shoals on the North Oconee River nearby. Various participants provided photos from the experience, so please enjoy their images presented below.

Brandon and Al Seeking Subjects on a Wall of Old Tools and Implements

Brandon Behind his 4x5 Film Camera

Agriculture - Love of the Earth

From the Earth by Darryl Neill

To the Earth by Jim Harrison

Fields Next to the Forest

Field and Forest at Shields-Ethridge by Elsie Allen

Shields-Ethridge Field by Darryl Neill

Historic Buildings

House at Shields-Ethridge by Brandon Ward

Hand-Hewn Building and Well by Elsie Allen

Side Trip to Hurricane Shoals

Hurricane Shoals by Jim Harrison

Thank You's

Thanks to APS Master Photographer Al McLeod who arranged and organized this fascinating workshop! And to the dozen or so APS members and guests who participated. It was a fun, creative and inspiring time on a lovely Spring day. Do plan your visit to Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm soon. It's a great educational experience; you'll be glad you did!