A Brisk, Cold Morning

It was a windy 43 degrees at 7:30am at the bottom of Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve when the first group of photographers arrived on March 20, 2021. Initially, there were six of us who prepared to trek up Arabia Mountain, a local monadnock; and more arrived shortly.  We were looking for the right light and the blooming Red Diamorpha among other interesting flora and fauna that we hoped to shoot.  Janerio and Jim would be available to assist us with techniques and how-to questions during this workshop. It would prove to be another amazing outing. 

Sunrise on Arabia Mountain by Paiboon Srikanchana

Exploring Arabia Mountain by Jim Harrison

An Invigorating Walk and Beautiful Plants

We acquainted ourselves with each other and started down the path and across the road to the granite mountain.  On previous adventures to this mountain I've seen such beauty and enjoyed the exercise.  It can be a little strenuous, but it is well worth the walk and it is easy to spend several hours without realizing it.  As we reached the first section, the group split up to explore various areas.   

Arabia Mountain in Bloom (with many 'Flavors' for the eye) by Jim Harrison

Lichen and Diamorpha - Arabia Mountain (in the granite depressions - some still in water and some already dried out) by Jim Harrison

Ready to burst! by Paiboon Srikanchana

In the pools of water in the granite were several species of plant-life.  Black-Spored Quillwort is a plant said to be rare and endangered and found in Georgia and South Carolina.  I hope someone found this grass and will share their photos. There were small white blooms in the water, along with mosses and other forms of life that we may not have seen until looking more closely at our images.  

Color, an indication of Spring, wherever you look and as far as the eye can see by Karen Johnson
Mother Nature had not been so kind to the Diamorpha, as it was not in full splendor, much to our disappointment. However, we found many other subjects of interest and stayed for quite a while before parting and meeting the second group at the bottom of the hill and across the road.

A birds eye view or simply enjoying the wind under their wings by Steve Director

Was there life before us?  Who were they? by Karen Johnson

Some folks walked to the lake, others explored new areas and some of us left this section to meet Janerio and Jim on the flats with 4 more photographers.  Again, everyone ventured off in all corners finding just the right subjects and using a variety of lenses.  

Getting Close at Arabia Mountain by Jim Harrison

Nature Photography Requires Persistence

Because the weather had turned cold and windy and the Diamorpha was subdued, Janerio sent a follow-up email inviting anyone and everyone to join him in a few weeks on an informal return to Arabia Mountain to search again for the elusive blooms of the Red Diamorpha. Be on the look-out for more details of this next trip.

Vibrant color, Mother Nature's painting by Steve Director

Enjoying a Cool and Breezy Day on the Mountain Flats with Friends 

Down on the Flats, several photographers assembled and scouted for just the right locations to capture the images they were looking for. 

Exploring the Flats by Janerio Morgan

Sporting the new look by Janerio Morgan

We are still observing strict guidelines to remain safe in the presence of COVID19. Safe distances and/or masks are mandatory. It hasn't slowed us down at all!

Jim Harrison and Gary Pelltier by Janerio Morgan

Softness and Beauty on Arabia Mountain could be seen everywhere in spite of the chill.

Illuminating by Janerio Morgan

Twice the Beauty by Janerio Morgan

Purple Flower by Janerio Morgan

Please enjoy the photos shared in this article. And plan to join us for the next trip up the mountain and more workshop/fieldtrip adventures scheduled through-out the year.