Learning by doing is always the best! The Atlanta Photographic Society schedules regular hands-on workshops throughout the year to promote learning new photography skills and techniques. Check our Workshop Schedule for what's coming up.

Portrait Palooza

The APS June 2019 program featured members Brandon Ward and Al McLeod hosting a portrait workshop exploring simple portrait lighting techniques. Al McLeod also gave everyone a quick lesson on Portrait Pro software.

Al McLeod Demonstrates "Portrait Pro" Software

This participatory workshop with models, setups and props such as hats, scarfs, musical instruments, etc. was great fun for everyone. Different styles of lighting including split, loop, Rembrandt, and butterfly lighting were demonstrated at multiple photo stations and both strobe and continuous lighting were offered.

Attendees Shooting a Model

Attendees took turns photographing several models using the variety of lighting setups. Everyone explored creative shooting angles, and practiced interacting with the models to elicit an interesting variety of expressions.

Janerio and Model Check Out the Images

This program is one great example of why it is so beneficial to be an Atlanta Photographic Society member. This photographer (your author/editor), who never does portraits or uses studio lighting, had an absolute blast!

Seeing in Black & White

On a rainy Saturday during October 2019 APS President Mike Shaefer led a fun workshop focusing on pre-visualization of Black & White images. The participants explored a park within Ansley Park and came away with a ton of interesting mono images.

Driveway and Planter by Louis Leon

Slide by Miriam Lopez

RITE Media Studio Tour

Our "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck" class crew toured the Atlanta studios of Rite Media on November 16, 2019. 

RITE Media Sign

We were treated to viewing a shoot in progress of "B-roll" dance moves for a music video and the whys and hows of the shot list for that shoot by Director Sam Green. 

Sam (and Archie), Colin (and Oscar)

Colin Quinn gave us an amazing introduction to the uses of high speed robotic camera motion control, plus several video story examples from the RITE Media archives. 

APS Video Crew (Diego, Darryl, Vivian, Don, + Colin Quinn (& Oscar)) - Photo by Jim Harrison (Oscar's Grandfather)

It was awesome!

What's in Your Bag

Learning from each other is commonplace in the Atlanta Photographic Society. At our January 2020 Workshop, What's in Your Bag?, it was super fun to see the tools our members use to capture their superb images.

Janerio Morgan shows how to use a handy field reflector

We each have our own styles and approaches to the type of photography we gravitate toward, and our equipment reflects that. Seeing the essential gear that each person uses for "their" photography gave everyone plenty of ideas for new things to try.

Al McLeod explains his strobe studio lighting setups

Cut and Create the Perfect Matte for Your Images

Displaying our fine prints requires matting and mounting images to really show them off.  Plus, cutting your own mattes saves a ton of money. Our February 2020 workshop, Cut and Create the Perfect Matte for Your Images, let those new to the process practice those skills. 

Jim Harrison and Elsie Allen start a matte for her image

Members Don Stephens, Jim Harrison, Al McLeod and Janerio Morgan shared their matting/mounting equipment and expertise. Everyone had a great time testing out how it's done, seeing the variety of tools needed, and making some excellent mattes for a number of images.

Janerio Morgan finishes a matte while Don Stephens "supervises"

Elsie practices a bevel cut

2021 Workshops/Field Trips

While the Covid pandemic put a crimp in our 2020 workshop plans, we've adapted with all outdoor workshops/fieldtrips for 2021. Please check out our 2021 Workshop/Field Trip plans, and sign up on Meetup!  Already scheduled workshops include: Moving Water at Cochran Mill Park led by APS Master Photographers Jim Harrison and Janerio Morgan,  and Arabia Mountain led by Janerio Morgan. More 2021 workshops are being added as plans are finalized.